HDMI 90 degree Adapter, S-HDMIAD-U01

HDMI 90 degree Adapter, S-HDMIAD-U01

  • $14.99

HDMI Accessories

HDMI 90-degree adapter


Some may find it hard to insert the HDMI plug in many flat-panel LCD TV installations. In some cases, there is not enough space between the TV and the wall. Spider has the solution for you. Our HDMI 90-degree adapters allow you to locate the cable anywhere you want. The 24K gold connector maximizes signal transfer between your TV and HDMI cable.


  • Color: Black & Silver
  • Connector: 24K gold-plated


  • Model Number: S-HDMIAD-U01, S-HDMIAD-D01
  • Available Angle: 90 & 270 degree