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PowerForce Headphone

Close your eyes and experience the potent impact of a bass guitar or drum, the searing emotion of a passionate vocal, the raw edges of a rock band in full flight. Music lovers know that their favorite sounds are best enjoyed with headphones, and Spider’s PowerForce delivers it all – in comfort and style.

 PowerForce faithfully reproduces the full audio spectrum in no-nonsense terms, allowing music to be heard the way the artist and engineer intended. Bass? You’ll both heard and feel the all-important bottom end, but it won’t bury the snap of a snare drum, the shimmer of a cymbal, the delicate touch of fingertips on an acoustic guitar string.

 Other headphones try to do what PowerForce does – and at a higher price. Don’t be fooled into paying for a name and not the sound. Tune out the world and tune into PowerForce – the power of music unleashed.




*40mm dynamic driver 

*Designed for audiophiles by audiophiles 

*10 - 22K Hz frequency response reproduces the lowest lows and highest highs 

*Multi-directional design allows single-ear, studio listening

*Super-soft ear cushions feel comfortable even after hours of wearing

*Premium memory foam helps to block outside ambient noise and provides a quiet environment. 

*Cable lock function makes sure the music does not stop while you are active

*Rugged yet lightweight 

*Full, circumaural ear-covering design 

*Easily folds into supplied storage bag 

*9 feet and 4 feet cables included 

*Professional grade quarter-inch adaptor included 


Moonlight Studio Monitor Headphones

When it comes to sound reproduction, no one knows more about the possibilities than studio engineers. They're the ones working to ensure that what's delivered to the listener mirrors what was heard as the artists actually performed. 

With that in mind, Spider is proud to introduce the Moonlight Studio Monitor, a Luxurious, top-of-the-line professional headphone that offers unparalleled clarity and detail and will take the concept of "high fidelity" to a dramatic new level. 

Moonlight's pinpoint accuracy and vivid soundstage reveal every musical subtlety and nuance, with a clear, clean, vibrant, and unmistakably "live" sound. The word is already out in the industry-music has never sounded this real before.

Combining the ruggedness and derability of professional headphones with a uniquely appealing 21st - Century look, the Moonlight Studio Monitor is tailor-made for recording pros, for whom there can be no compromises. Now the most demanding home listeners can also enjoy the thrill of hearing music exactly as it was meant to be heard - direct from the studio ot stage !




*10-26,000 Hz frequency response reproduces the full audio spectrum

*Unparalleled clarity and presence with wide dynamic range

*Engineers can pick out each individual instrument, even in large ensembles

*Panoramic, multi-dimensional soundstage

*All-aluminum housing with lightweight frame affords maximum comfort, even after hours of continuous use

*Superior isolation and noise-canceling

*Premium leather ear pads with memory foam

*Specially engineered and modulated detachable connecting cable made from highly conductive, Kevlar-reinforced, braided oxygen-free copper

*Premium gold-plated connectors

*Elegant and stylish zippered case with removable over-the-shoulder strap

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