• $39.99

Spider’s TinyEar presents brilliant sounds through its small and lightweight design. Especially well-suited for smaller ears, these headphones naturally fit the shape of the ear to reduce fatigue while delivering the ideal acoustic experience. Easy to carry and designed with dedication to great sound, TinyEar exemplifies Spider’s motto of “superior sound anytime, anywhere.” Available in four fashionable colors (two for models with microphone).

    Features (Without Mic)

    • Compact, lightweight design for extended comfort
    • Premium in-ear noise blocking through earplug-like fit
    • Superb accuracy and detail definition
    • Four stylish colors

      Specs (Without Mic)

      • Headphone Type: In Ear
      • Driver Size: 6mm Micro Dynamic Driver
      • Frequency Response: 18-22 kHZ
      • Impedance: 18Ω
      • Sensitivity: 104 dB• Model Number: E-EAPH-BK02 (Black), E-EAPH-BU02 (Blue), E-EAPH-RD (Red), E-EAPH-WH02 (White)


      • TinyEar headphones x1
      • Storage bag
      • 3 size foam tips (S/M/L)