XtremeBass Amp Black

  • $49.99

Spider XtremeBass Headphone Amp provides not only the extraordinary bass power but also fullybalanced sound signature. As the name implies, Spider XtremeBass Amp can significantly improve your headphone performance with a focus on boosting its bass performance. In addition, the XtremeBass also enhances volume output without compromising on sound quality. Its easily portable design truly allows you to enjoy superior sound anytime, anywhere.


  • Compatible with any MP3-Player or any equipment with line-out function
  • Output Type: Normal / Bass
  • Rechargeable battery via USB cable with ~12 hours battery life at full charge and 1.5 hour charging time


  • Power Structure: Built in Lithium battery power supply
  • Amplifier Structure: Coupling capacitor less, Class-AB
  • Audio Performance: (1 kHz Sine Wave, 2Vrms, 24-bit / 48kHz)
  • Frequency Response: 40Hz~15kHz
  • Headphone Impedance: 32Ω ~ 600Ω
  • Circuit Protection: Output Short and Temperature Over protection 
  • Bass Boost: Switchable, +3dB@130Hz
  • Noise Level (1 kHz, A-Weighted): -90.0dB 
  • THD%: 0.0085%
  • Dynamic range (1kHz, A-Weighted): 89.7dB 
  • Stereo crosstalk : -79.2dB


  •  Xtremebass Headphone Amp x1
  • Micro USB cable x1
  •  3.5mm AUX cable x1