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S-Series Digital Fiber Optical Cable

SKU: S-DIGO-0003F by Spider
Price $39.99


Spider’s S-Series Digital Fiber Optical Cable delivers superior digital signal fidelity by providing a wider bandwidth transfer. The S-Series Digital Fiber Optical Cable delivers clean, realistic, detailed music from your home system. The cable is engineered to the highest industrial standards. With premium-grade index fiber, the E-Series Fiber Optical Cable guarantees optimum clarity and precision


  • Acute interconnect to deliver precise digital audio.
  • High-quality, high-bandwidth digital interconnect
  • Metal shell connector for lifelong durability
  • Premium grade index fiber for optimum optical clarity
  • Wider bandwidth transfer for more realistic, detailed music


  • Available Lengths: 3ft, 6ft, 
  • Part Number : S-DIGO-0003F, S-DIGO-0006F
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