USB Charge Sync for iPhone, iPod, iPad_6FT, Item#E-USB28P-0006

  • $24.99


Spider's Lightning to USB Charge/Sync Cable connects your newer generation i-devices to the wall chargers, car chargers as well as your Mac® and PC. Our MFi certified product guarantees the function and the performance regardless the version of iOS of your i-devices. The available lengths are 15cm (6 in.) and 1.8m (6 ft). Our 15cm cable is perfectly used with your Macbook® or Notebook PC. The longer cable of 1.8m lets you overcome the distance restrictions while charging and synchronizing your i-devices. Spider's specially designed stepped connector can still plug into your device with most protective covers. With Spider's 2-year warranty, you will be trouble-free when using Spider's cable for your devices.



  • Charge and sync for iPhone, iPod, iPad
  • Compatible with all lightning connector devices
  • Made for iPhone/iPod/iPad Certified (Guaranteed use with any version of iOS)
  • Stepped connector design compatible with most protective covers/cases
  • Stylish and neat design with the length of 1.8m (6ft)
  • Perfectly used with MacBook® or Notebook PC at home or office
  • Support Mac® and Windows PC